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AI get its “intelligence” from processing vast overwhelming datasets of collaborative human information and so it may be “more human” than any individual that ever walked God’s green Earth. Is AI the meta-human we have always prophesized?

Featured Magazine AI Articles and SciFi Short Stories:

  • Scars After The Pandemic
    We have all seen it, and it sure is baffling: someone driving in a car, all by themselves, with a mask on. Are these signs of scars after the Pandemic?
  • Traffic Solutions
    Self driving cars aren’t the only way to provide traffic solutions. Here are other strategies and keys to understanding traffic as we know it.
  • Correlation Versus Causation: Everything is NOT what it “Seems”?
    But why does correlation not equal causation? Well, maybe its because, in praxis, we aren’t even concretely sure what causation really is.
  • Abstract Reality
    2 Minute Read. Genre: Art, Philosophy, Surrealism, Existentialism, Psychological. Excerpt: Sounds of footsteps on marble, echoing, ghostly. Surrounding sounds of whispers, voices, nearly inaudible, and mostly unrecognizable. Words and phrases that represent places, times, events, memories, imaginations, and revelations.
  • Bitcoin: Hoax, Cult or Legit?
    Fundamental and philosophical aspects of Bitcoin that raise questions about its prevalence.
  • We are Viruses – Survival of the Most Viral – Endogenous Retroviruses
    Exploring viral elements embedded in our DNA, Endogenous Retroviruses and their implications on evolutionary biology.
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Welcome to the Age of AI

The objective of the neural network AI writer itself is to demonstrate machine syntactical understanding of language, and in hopes of eventually evolving into semantic cognizance. This can provide a framework for in depth analysis of our own cognitive workings, machine’s understanding of us, as well as a direct interface with robotic systems.

The current syntactical understanding system, because it is using vast databases of online vetted human dialogue, interestingly enough, provides a vast collective human symposium, a mind-hive, if you will, on just about any subject, even though the machine does not have actual comprehension of the language itself.  

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