should toilet paper be over or under

In general, toilet paper is placed in the over configuration. While this may not sound like a big deal, it actually can make a difference in how easy the toilet paper is to access and pull from the roll. What is the correct way to place toilet paper? Let’s break down if toilet paper should be over or under:

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Should Toilet Paper Be Over or Under

The over side of toilet paper allows for easy location of the toilet paper when needed whereas the under side may be more difficult to locate. The over position also allows for easier access to the toilet paper when trying to grab a single ply or multiple plies. The over configuration is also more aesthetically pleasing as it results in a neater appearance.

The under configuration of toilet paper is not as common, but it does have some benefits. The under configuration allows the user to grab the toilet paper from the under-side rather than having to reach over the top of the toilet paper roll. This can be beneficial for people who are short or have a difficult time reaching over the top of the toilet paper roll.

The Right Way to Install Toilet Paper

The age-old debate of whether the toilet paper should be placed in the over or under position is typically one of preference, but there is a correct way to place toilet paper. If you are asking yourself (or AI) “what is the correct way to place toilet paper”, we have an answer. Both methods allow for easy install of the toilet paper and for ease of use but placing it in the over-configuration allows for easier location of toilet paper to be pulled upon the next use rather than it being hidden on the under side and requiring the user to spin the toilet paper role in order to locate it. Because of this, the toilet paper being configured in the over-position allows for more optimized usage.

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