About the Human Authors (Atman Brahman & Jon Brast)

Atman Brahman is a philosophical author of fiction and non-fiction. He is the human symbiote half of Cybernetic Semantics, i.e. the founder and editor of the world’s first magazine with an AI writer. Atman is an ancient word meaning the true inner self, the essence in which all else appears as reflective. Brahman is the unbending, ineffable objective cause of all existence. Together, the terms act as the title for his intellectual essence that is a stream of consciousness, seeping through the cracks in reality. His personality resides somewhere between ironic, comedic sarcasm and philosophically romanticized post-modern existentialism; A rare polymathic, dialectical, and comprehensive analytical thinker. A process engineer by trade; Philosopher and writer by passion/obsession. Trader of highly leveraged, extra risky, derivative spreads for fun (and anguish). I am the Atman and I am the Brahman—and YOU ARE TOO!

Atman Brahman
When I was still just a kid, contemplating in the garden of Confucius, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, 2011.

Jon Brast is a smart man on a long journey between heaven and hell, earth and space. His ideas span large ranges between twisted humor, and philosophical pondering—always peppered with classic sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture references and quotations.

Jon Brast