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Friends Again

[Central Perk – All characters are in their usual seats on the couch.]

JOEY: (Looking puzzled at his smartphone) Hey, is it true that AI is going to take over the world?

ROSS: (Laughing) Well, not literally. It just means it’ll influence a lot of aspects of our lives, like jobs, healthcare, transportation…

MONICA: (Interrupting Ross) It’s all hype, Joey. The bigger problem is humans creating all sorts of misinformation and disinformation.

RACHEL: Like when you lied about Ross’ favorite sandwich being a BLT, and we all believed it for years?

CHANDLER: (Smirking) Ah yes, “the one with the sandwich conspiracy.” I remember it fondly.

[Ross sighs dramatically, and Joey looks confused.]

JOEY: (Wistfully) So, no robots taking over…?

PHOEBE: No, sweetie. But people can make things up that seem real. Everyone can believe it and it can become… like its own truth.

CHANDLER: (Nods solemnly) Like when we all agreed Janice had a lovely singing voice.

[They all laugh.]

ROSS: The problem is not just people but governments and politicians too, they are masters in spreading disinformation. Kind of like when the monkey did the research on evolution.

RACHEL: (Chuckles) If Marcel were here, we’d probably find out Ross was the missing link.

[Monica rolls her eyes, while everyone else laughs.]

MONICA: So basically, we live in a world where deception is an art? Like some twisted game where truth doesn’t matter.

PHOEBE: (Sighs sadly) That’s kinda depressing.

JOEY: (Jumps up suddenly) Wait a minute…what if I’ve been living a lie? What if I’m not a great actor?

[Everyone looks at each other awkwardly. Chandler clears his throat.]

CHANDLER: (In a sarcastic tone) No Joey, you are a great actor.

[Joey looks relieved, everyone chuckles.]

ROSS: (Putting an arm around Joey’s shoulder) Joey, don’t worry. It’s not about what others say. It’s about finding your own truth.

RACHEL: (Smiling warmly) That’s right, Joey. No amount of misinformation or disinformation can change who we are. We just have to be honest with ourselves.

[Everyone nods and raises their coffee mugs in a toast.]

ALL: To being true to ourselves!


[End Scene]

[Monica’s Apartment – Evening.]

ROSS: (Walking in with a newspaper) Guys, listen to this. A new study shows that 72% of social media users have fallen for misinformation about AI.

PHOEBE: (Gasps) That’s worse than the time we thought Ursula was my only twin!

CHANDLER: (Grinning) Well, what can I say? The world loves a good story. Even if it is completely untrue.

RACHEL: (Sighs) But it’s so scary how we can get swayed so easily.

MONICA: (Nods) And how easily one lie can become everyone’s truth.

JOEY: (Suddenly alert) Wait…are you saying Dr. Drake Ramoray isn’t real?

[Everyone laughs.]

ROSS: (Gently) Joey, Dr. Ramoray is real. But he’s a character you play. There’s a difference.

[Rachel’s cell phone rings.]

RACHEL: (Answering) Hello?

[Everyone continues their conversation while Rachel steps aside.]

RACHEL: (Excitedly) Oh my God, really? That’s amazing!

[Everyone stops and looks at Rachel.]

MONICA: (Curious) What is it, Rach?

RACHEL: (Beaming) My boss just called. Apparently, a “mysterious tip” revealed that my design was copied. They’re reinstating my original work!

[Everyone claps and cheers.]

CHANDLER: (Laughs) Talk about a twist! Here I thought governments were the only ones dabbling in disinformation!

[Rachel laughs.]

RACHEL: I guess the truth always comes out in the end!

ROSS: (Toasts with his mug) To truth, in a world of deception!

[They all raise their mugs.]

ALL: To the truth!

[As the laughter and cheers fade, the camera pulls back for a wider view of the friends and their inseparable bond in an ever confusing world.]


[End Scene]

*Disclaimer: Some of this story was generated through the use of AI. All italic text was created by the AI Writer.

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