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Genre: Religion, Satirical, Parody

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The Babble

Bob Christ was born under unusual, but not that unusual circumstances. When his mother finally gave birth, a small light in the delivery room created a warm halo around him—although it was really just a smudge in someone’s contact lens—inspiring the nursery attendant to dub this baby boy with his “unique” name – Bob Christ. Given the wonder and awe of those present in attendance, Bob’s family simply accepted it and so the name stuck.

Growing up in small country town outside of rural England, Bob enjoyed a peaceful life. Although he was surrounded by plenty of people, nobody really talked about Bob or paid much attention to him, largely because of his rather odd name,. Consequently, very few people truly knew him and whatever they assumed was erratically accepted as fact without any proof or further investigation, especially after he became world-famous, posthumously.

As Bob grew older he found himself increasingly yearning for something more out of life but unable to identify what exactly it was he was searching for. He therefore continued to faithfully attend church each Sunday yet never feeling much closer for it afterwards; but he never stopped attending in the hopes that one day a real connection with God or something like it would be established.

Then one fateful night, Bob nearly lost his life in an automobile accident. He was only able to survive because he wore his seatbelt and a truck driver noticed his car off the side of the highway and stopped to help him. Even after being discharged from the hospital, Bob was left physically unharmed yet mentally shaken as he had come far too close to death’s door.

Terrified by what he had endured, Bob asked himself what kind of life was worth living? What did he want to get out of this second chance? Seeking answers, Bob visited a local park near his home and found himself immersed within lush greenery and deafening silence. Sitting down on a bench near a pond, he closed his eyes with trepidation and listened for God’s voice — if there even was one — but instead heard nothing but the faint babble of water against rocks mixed amidst chirping birds in the background. It was mundanely profound and spiritual.

It was then that Bob learned perhaps his most important lesson – redemption and worthwhile saving can be found within ourselves, not through outside sources or deities; everyone is capable of doing great things when focused inwardly, just as the babbling stream constantly renews itself whilst remaining connected to its source. Taking this newfound understanding with him wherever he went afterwards, Bob eventually regained faith in himself and discovered true peace within this newfound path ahead – no longer needing to rely on others’ opinions or searching for somewhere else to be saved from that which already exists within us all. People judged him anyway, and his story grew. Eventually his story became their story.

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