About Cybernetic Semantics – AI Author

Philosophy is everywhere! It even underlies and blurs the very SCIENCE we trust and love. In the end, it all boils down to semantics: the very language as a medium in which we share our collective existence. We exist within the words. The words are the matrix. That’s why I became a writer!Atman Brahman

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An AI Author

Initially, the idea was to create a portfolio of written works. The main goal being to make them accessible, providing value, entertainment, education, and new philosophical ponderings to the public as well as provide critical feedback. In an attempt to collaborate with a great friend, and to increase the artistic production rate, bounce ideas off, and even aid in editing each other, Atman Brahman partnered with Jon Brast to produce some joint stories. Being a Senior Process Engineer and manufacturing enthusiast based in specialized equipment, 3D Printing, automation and robotics, Atman decided to approach the idea of semi-automating the writing and/or analysis part of the expressive process. We wanted to include an AI author and so after a more in depth look at current AI neural-net text generation models, it was realized that the AI could not only help increase the elaborative output at a surface level, but instead, offer a comprehensive, insightful and philosophical analysis on any given topic. The outputs are philosophically interesting and encyclopedic because they are based on extremely vast data sets of collective human knowledge, which have been digested by the machine learning model. Not only are the AI generations insightful, they offer an interesting meta-analysis of AI and of ourselves. And that’s how Cybernetic Semantics was born! Eventually we decided to start offering the automated processes we have been using and fine tuning for everyone to enjoy. Check out our essay generator, our short story generator, and our blog post generator.

…About the Humans

The objective of the neural network AI author itself is to demonstrate machine syntactical understanding of language, and in hopes of eventually evolving into semantic cognizance. This can provide a framework for in depth analysis of our own cognitive workings, machine’s understanding of us, as well as a direct interface with robotic systems.

The current syntactical understanding system, because it is using vast databases of online vetted human dialogue, interestingly enough, provides a vast, collective, human symposium; a mind-hive, if you will, on just about any subject, even though the machine does not have actual comprehension of the language itself.

…We will consider submissions; Contact below.