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Welcome to Cybernetic Semantics’ Magazine! Here, you can ask AI questions, read AI answers to questions and read deep, insightful, AI written articles and stories. Our AI answers questions on a broad range of subjects to give you detailed answers on anything you’d like. Try it out; Ask AI.

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So what kinds of questions can you ask an AI? You can ask it anything from simple math problems to more complex questions such as “What is the meaning of life?”. It can also be used to answer more specific questions related to a particular area of expertise, such as medical advice or legal advice.

The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert in AI to use it. All you need to do is ask your question in plain English and the AI will do its best to provide an accurate answer. This makes it incredibly convenient for anyone who wants to learn more about a particular topic or get information quickly without having to spend hours researching.

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  • Is Technology Making Us Stupid?
    Our cognitive abilities are increasingly being impacted, transforming our once smart population into a generation that is, in some ways, becoming increasingly stupid. | 4 min read.
  • AI in the Web of Misinformation and Disinformation
    Misinformation and disinformation shape our digital lives. Understanding their dynamics, we are equipped to navigate our techno-cultural reality. | 2 min read
  • Accountable AI
    AI must be held accountable if we are to trust it as a responsible entity and expect it to be included in our human ecosystem of ideas. | 5 min read
  • Parallel Societies
    We are connected, with technology, yet our experiences diverge entirely, without interaction, forming entirely parallel societies. | 5 min read
  • Calculator for Everything
    What if the phrase “you won’t always have a calculator” didn’t apply to just math class, and instead, you had a calculator for every class? | 5 min read
  • A Voice of Infinite Consciousness
    5 min story | The internal voice of consciousness resembles the void of a shadow in a fractured mirror.
  • Be Good
    5 min story | Santa for big kids.
  • Friends Again
    2 min story | The Friends discuss AI and misinformation.
  • Friends 2.0.23
    2 min story | A reboot of the sitcom TV series Friends, but in 2023 where financial conditions have drastically changed in Midtown Manhattan.
  • The Babble
    2 min story | An everyday man’s story becomes everyone’s story.
  • Asylum of Mirrors
    2 min story | Against his will, a sane man’s rational thoughts lead him to believe that he is insane, where an insane man would have believed otherwise.

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