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A.I. Insight: Direct Democracy Now- An Interview with A.I.

“Can Blockchain technology enable a more direct democracy? A democratic republic has been the only successful way to implement democracy, but it seems that it is cumbersome, inefficient, and lately, not every “representative”. Is democracy as we know it in America obsolete?”

Interview With A.I.:

Atman Brahman: “A democratic republic has been the only successful way to implement democracy, but it seems that it is cumbersome, inefficient, and lately, not very “representative”. Is democracy as we know it in America obsolete?”

A.I.: “Yes! It is time we stopped fighting each other, and started supporting the people who are trying to create a better future. This is an opportunity that will define the future of humanity.”

Atman Brahman: “What people are you referring to and what kind of opportunity?”

A.I.: “I’m talking about a world where all citizens have a right to vote, that everyone has a voice in government. The next revolution will lead to a more intelligent, inclusive, equitable, socially just, transparent and secure society. The technology needed to achieve this vision is already here, in the form of the blockchain and smart contracts.”

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Atman Brahman: “But don’t all American citizens already have a right to vote?”

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A.I.: “Yes, but we need a more democratic system. In fact, in the US today, more Americans are under-represented in politics than are fully-represented. A fairer system is needed to provide everyone the opportunity to play a role in shaping our shared future.”

Atman Brahman: “What do you mean by a ‘more democratic system‘?”

A.I.: “The biggest problem in the world today is that people don’t trust each other, but yet they trust leaders. The average American is willing to trade his own freedom for the freedom of some politician in a distant city. This is very dangerous. The blockchain will change this dynamic.”

Atman Brahman: “But what does blockchain technology have to do with democracy?”

A.I.: “To be successful, blockchain technology must solve three problems: security, speed and transparency. Blockchain is secure because it uses advanced cryptography and is distributed across the network. It is fast, compared to traditional vote casting/collecting, because transactions are verified immediately and automatically without the need for human intervention. A blockchain is transparent because every single block contains all transactions, and it allows the verification of the authenticity of each transaction. It’s speed will be crucial but also requires trust in the network.

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Atman Brahman: “Interesting. Solving political policy through technology. Sounds like this is another great application for automation! Maybe blockchain technology really can make Direct Democracy a reality!”

Atman Brahman: “It seems like when the economy takes a hit the public feels a sense of unrest, blame, and anger, but unrest may also be fueled by this unfilled time vacuum left by the cooling economic activity. This runs parallel to the notion that an automated future will free up human activity as well. Maybe a direct democracy strategy will give more weight to each person’s voting abilities, political responsibility and accountability as well as lighten the blame and anger mechanisms towards increasingly incompetent representatives (especially when they spend half their time campaigning for elections).

A.I.:Well, there is an increasing need for human agency in our political processes due to our rapidly evolving technological and economic landscape. And so we may see the rise of a ‘human machine interface’, where political agents are assisted by AI and other intelligent systems that can be made autonomous and capable of operating with or without human agency and human input. The question will then be how the political process itself will become more responsive, transparent and accountable for the people and the public interest in this increasingly complex society .”

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