As is often discussed at this site, language has a beautiful heritage and ancestral lineage shrouded in visual metaphor, mythological archetype, mysticism, and superstitious ambiguity. This partially AI written article is heavily laden with it, if you look closely. There must be a balanced harmony between the literal and the metaphorical when becoming 5th dimension conscious in the era of Aquarius. Read beyond the first few paragraphs and you will realize this is not just an article about the stars and the zodiac, but about EVERYTHING!

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The Era of Aquarius and 5th Dimension Conscious

By: Atman Brahman and AI

What’s the Age of Aquarius?

The word “Zodiac” comes from Greek meaning circle of animals because some of these constellations resemble animals. The root “zoe” means life; hence in other words it is a symbol representing life cycles. The Era of Aquarius is a term to describe the astronomical alignment of the sun on the vernal equinox (spring – symbolizing the birth-anew), to in front of the zodiac constellation Aquarius. The past 2000 years have been the era of Pisces as the sun has traversed across it ever-so-minutely when measured on the first day of spring each year.

The constellation of Aquarius is best seen in the winter. The names of most constellations are derived from Greek mythology, as this one is too. It was created by Ptolemy and it represents Ganymede, a Trojan prince who was abducted and taken to Mount Olympus by Zeus (Jupiter) who had fallen in love with him (Apparently Zeus liked young boys? Who knew? I guess AI did). The “water carrier” is a popular image of this constellation. The constellation is in the southern sky. “Water” being one of the four classical elements, it seems appropriate to represent this constellation with a man bearing water.

Most people are not observant star gazers these days. They don’t think we need to be and often saw knowledge of them as superstitious nonsense from a simpler time before modern science “enlightened” us. But our ancestors on every continent were keen observers of their surrounds and made connections between their observations and everyday life, thus providing meaning and value to what they are seeing (a form of encoded language).

Our ancestors tried to understand our world through their “cultural code”. They personified the constellations or cast them as imagery and endowed them as gods because they could see the changing tides and turning of the seasons, which were ever so crucial to their survival, as attributed to these formation’s location in the sky. Their cause and effect were not quite right, but the conceptual logic and linkage was correct. Note that the cause and effect were linked, but backwards.

The sun, although appearing to stay fixed or stationary during our lifetime, is actually moving along our ecliptic which is the dividing line between Earth’s day and night side at an average rate of 1 degree per 72 years (1 degree every 72 * 365 = 25920 years). This very small yearly change in the exact location of the sun each vernal equinox over the zodiac constellations is caused by Earth’s wobble, or in other words, the precession of its axis in a circular motion. For the axis to complete a full circular precession, it takes 26,000 years. So as you can see, it is very very slight each year. You can notice this phenomenon of a precession or wobble when using a dreidel or a top. When the top stops spinning perfectly on its point and stable, it starts to swing around in a circle. The Earth is doing that motion, very slowly over the course of almost 26,000 years. A way to visualize this is to go out and look at the stars at night. The axis of the spinning Earth points directly at Polaris (The North Star). The star does not appear to move, but all the other stars appear to as we spin around. The pointing of this axis, in 13,000 years, will proceed around in a circular motion to Vega, rendering it the new North star at that time. After another 13,000 years it will proceed back around completing the circle and ending up back at Polaris. This changing orientation causes the constellations as they appear in our night sky to change over time as well. Right now we are moving out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.” There is no scientific evidence to support that any significant changes will occur on Earth as we move into the Age of Aquarius. However some people believe that this transition could herald a new spiritual age where peace and love reign supreme.

Picture of axial precession to demonstrate the change from the era of Pisces to the era of Aquarius
Axial Precession, Credit: Wikipedia

New Age Consciousness in the Era of Aquarius

The later half of the past century, starting around the 60’s, appears to have endured some type of spiritual reawakening. Was it the psychedelics? Was it the uprising postmodern philosophical upheaval? Was it the great advances in technology? Was it the shifting alignment of the stars that could effect our bombardment of radiation from space, mutating our rate of biological evolution? Or a combination of all of them? One thing seems certain, that we are enduring the shift to a new age consciousness that is spinning society all around.

All of our presumptuous, preconceived notions that were grounded in previous paradigms and ideologies have been challenged. Things just don’t look or feel the same anymore. This new awareness can be unsettling because it challenges everything that we knew to be true before now. We are in the midst of a struggle to make sense of it all; a struggle to form a consensus—whether through consolidation or through attrition. The idea of the Era of Aquarius was resurrected (metaphorically speaking) in the 60s; that we were entering the era of Aquarius because there was a retreat to the spiritual—in a sense—from our technological growing pains, and there was definitely a sense of change and revolution in the air. But the concept of saying it is the new age is a recycled idea. It is from ancient times when they thought the groupings of stars were actual gods or that they had literal affect on us. What they did notice was the change but they thought of it as completely different. There is an air of change that pervades all facets of society—from the political landscape to cultural norms, global relations and infrastructure improvements. The Internet has only exacerbated this by connecting us in ways never before experienced; and with social media, there is a constant stream even when we’re not tapped into it or looking at the screen on which they display its contents.

The New Epoch in The Era of Aquarius

Ptolemaic astronomers were aware of Earth’s wobble and precession of the zodiac. It was more precisely described by Islamic golden age astronomers nearly 1000 years later. But the interesting correlation that was likely drawn, was that each age lasted approximately 2500 years, which also coincided with great ideological transformations in human history. seemed to notice large upheavals and changes after roughly 2000-3000 years. Of course, 2000 years ago would be the philosophy and teachings of Jesus Christ, but not just Christ— also the changing of many monotheistic, pagan, gnostic and stoic philosophies. Roughly 2500 years before that would be the great foundations of “empires” in the Mesopotamian beginnings. Roughly 2500 years prior to that (5k bc) would be the Neolithic revolution which is the advent of agriculture.

These were the most significant turning points in human history. So, to put it in modern terms and in the language of our cultural code, we are shifting from the Age of Pisces (God) to the era of Aquarius (Science). This also seems correlation with a “golden age” that is going on now. The thing about these epochs or ages though, is that they were rarely marked by exact dates—more like an arbitrary window. When do you say that one age ended and another began? They felt that this phenomenon was pointing to a new epoch and called it “The Age of Aquarius”.

Note that we see a great change in the era and upheaval being linked to these astronomical locations, but it could just as likely be that human nature takes about 2000-3000 years to evolve, biologically, and/or ideologically. Again the causal link is forward or backwards depending on how you look at it. In a literal, astronomical sense, the era of Aquarius is not for about another 500 years, when the era of Pisces will end.

5 Dimensional Thinking and 5th Dimension Consciousness

The point is that there are many different ways to look at this. Again, is this magical, lucky 2500 year period due to slight evolution of the brain (biological evolution)? Or is it more the period of ideological evolution to take hold and fruit? Is it truly the affect of astronomical, outside, unseen radiation forces from far out could be a case for mutation, and therefore biological evolution, which confounds with ideological evolution? Is it the incubation period for widespread technological proliferation? They are all tied together. 

Either way it is hard to argue we are not burgeoning on a new epoch. We are literally living through it. It is not a point in time but a period. We, as a species, are expanding into 5th dimensional consciousness and 5 Dimensional Thinking.

What is certain is that the era of Pisces is coming to an end and we are emerging, as worked out by our ancient astrologers with their modern counterparts, into the era of Aquarius now. This may not be an exact period of time, but the cultural code and archetypes play a big role in how we understand reality because they stem from our brain’s need to make sense of it all. What we are experiencing now is definitely a period or change and shift—maybe more accurately called “An Era Making Up its Mind”.

New Age Consciousness – A Theorized New Age Concept

There were and are 3 dimensional animals, now and in the past; animals that don’t seem to have fully functional memory, or only a limited capacity. They exist in space (i.e. 3 dimensions). Then there became 4 dimensional creatures once they had memory, because they were able to grasp what was “before” and the arrangement of things at a different “time” (the 4th dimension). We had entered a new age consciousness. We may trick ourselves into thinking we transcend that by extrapolating into the future, but that is still within the 4th dimension. Our computing power became superior to other animals in our ability to acquire more information in memory and we could better extrapolate into the future, but still, entrapped in the 4th dimension. But above all of that, we were able to develop our imaginations. This was a new tool, which allowed us to transcend into another dimension. We could “create” ideas which were not real, and exist in a place that wasn’t space. We had also started to develop tools such as mathematics, logic, statistics etc… I think this gives us the tool we needed to become 5th dimensional creatures. The 5th dimension is “possibility”. We created the ability to conceive of what is not real. This is what I see as the difference between a human and lower animals. A pig doesn’t know it is a pig, but you know you are you (each “I” here being different in itself). This awareness of self-identity gives us one advantage many animals don’t have, but we also have imagination to create ideas which are not real. So while they may only exist in time frames that can be measured by physical tools such as clocks, calendars etc… We have ideas which exist outside of space and time. Ideas such as hope,…love…future…eternity/infinity….etc.. These things do not exist anywhere in the 3 dimensional world (including our 4th dimension), since they can not be measured by any tool or instrument at this point, because they do not have dimensions (timeframe) or spatial measurement(s), nor weight or mass; They only exist within minds using our imaginations.

We may have been partially 5th dimensional in regards to the above but with our imagination, we are able to simulate the future. This is still 4th dimension, but very advanced. With the advanced tools of statistics, uncertainty, risk, coming to fruition after a long incubation period, we are starting to now simulate many or all of the “possibilities” and grasp onto the “most likely” ones. We also now try to see things from many different “points of view”. We try to take a different person’s perspective, with our imagination, or take a different ideological perspective, to approach things in various ways, and we realize we have to try to find ourselves where they all overlap and coincide. And so, in a sense, we are in the midst of fully becoming 5th dimensional creatures, and 5th dimension conscious. That 5th dimension is those possible, imagined, forward looking scenarios all coexisting at the same time. Uncertainty is a virtue!

diagram of 5th dimension consciousness
Diagram of 5th Dimension Consciousness

Technological Era

Technology has an ever-increasing impact on our society. Right AI? The rapid proliferation of information is accelerating and—of course—acceleration is deceiving. It has always had drastic affect on society. Each era has its technology, but there are some eras that have a technology that seems to touch and change everything. There are drastic societal struggles associated with informational technological advancements which include such examples as the introduction of the printing press, or the later subsequent increased adoption of reading as the amount of reading material accelerated. Information could then be disseminated freely. It triggered an increased need for reading, which increased the proliferation of information further. Worth mentioning is the introduction of the King James Bible as an attempt to structure the information and the language as an exercise of power. With people reading, rather than having the bible read or interpreted for them, information was disseminated into the public uncontrolled allowing the people to think and decide, FREELY! These pretenses naturally preceded The Enlightenment. The introduction of (1876) and increased adoption of the telephone shortly preceded World War 1. The increased rate of information dissemination led to increased awareness and understanding of the struggles of working people and their un-equal (and inhuman) treatment. It then led to a rapid increase in labor rights, as well as human rights. With the introduction (1875), more widespread adoption and utilization of electricity, along with its applications such as light bulbs (1879), radios (1900), automobiles, radios, television & computers it has increased our knowledge and awareness at an unprecedented rate. In fact, the speed of advancements have been exponential. It is now facilitating those who are worthy enough to be part of it’s effects globally rather than locally or regionally—we can even reach back home while we travel internationally via smart phones that allow us access to free Wi-Fi just about anywhere! “Information wants to be free”.

Another striking moment worth mentioning is in the writings of Frederick Douglas—that he recollected when he was taught, as a young boy, along side his master’s son by the mother. His stark and harsh realization of it’s impact was when his master forbade his wife from teaching the young Frederick Douglas because with the ability to read, his knowledge and innocence would—in a sense (pun intended)—set him free!

Era of The Internet

Now think of how much information is crossing your screen daily. Think of the advent of computers, cell phones and AI that have led up to right now. These were all combined and accelerated by the era of the internet. Now imagine how much information will be crossing the screens of your children and grandchildren as technology continues to advance. The New Frontier!

Maybe we have been 4 dimensional creatures for a long time, capable of 5th dimension consciousness, but only through intelligence, enabled by access to education and information. So there were some 5-dimensional thinkers, but the majority were still stuck in 4-dimensional thinking. Technology could be the real culprit here. Maybe we are seeing a surge of people transitioning from 4-dimensional thinking to 5-dimensional consciousness because of the technological era of The Internet. The internet has opened the floodgates to a whole new era of learning and growth. We can learn whatever we want. We can educate ourselves. We can research and explore new ideas. We can be exposed to new perspectives and ideologies. We can grow and expand our consciousness. This has led to new perspectives, ideologies and movements that are 5-dimensional, transhumanist and tech-centric. Not all of them are good though. The worst of them believe that illusion is the truth.

Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology

The internet was quite a ground breaking type of communication because of the web-like structure of it. It could be argued that it is a 5th dimensional consciousness structure, but it is likely easier to argue that the internet of things and blockchain technology together will breach that milestone. With the internet of things, we will be able to connect all devices and appliances to the internet. This will allow for a complete communication network between people, machines and devices. We will be able to access information and data about anything and everything instantaneously and control our environment and our lives with just a few clicks of a button. We will have complete transparency and accountability because of the decentralized nature of the internet of things. There will be no room for corruption or deceit because everything will be out in the open. The internet of things will allow us to live in a world that is fair, just and equitable for all. Blockchain technology is the 5th dimensional consciousness structure because it is based on trustless systems. This means that there is no need for intermediaries or third parties to facilitate transactions. Everything is done through encryption and smart contracts. This allows for greater security, efficiency and transparency. Blockchain technology can be used to create global citizenship programs that would give everyone access to education, health care, housing and other basic needs. It can also be used to create new economic models that are more sustainable. The technological era of the internet has led to a new era of awareness and consciousness. We are now able to see things from a different perspective and we are able to move beyond 4-dimensional thinking. We are now able to create 5-dimensional structures that can help us create a better world for all. <— As you can see, another notable icon of the technological era (AI) will combine and mutate all of these, all at once!

Postmodern Era – Truth vs Belief

Where truth grows, illusions do too. Education and access to information can act like a Dunning-Kruger’esque double-edged sword in the postmodern era. When post-modern knowledge of the nature of structure and its power over us is stripped back, it can result in a deep nihilism that makes us ever-more vulnerable to illusions in the void. Stripping back too many beliefs makes grasping at truth elusive. The truth is nothing without pre-eminent belief. Belief is the only thing that can give birth to truth.

When there are no boundaries, we can only believe in boundaries. We cannot believe in something that does not exist or does not have a structure to form around it. The truth is the sum total of our beliefs about it. When post-modernism teaches us that everything is an illusion, it takes away our ability to believe anything at all. It makes truth seem unattainable and like grasping at straws. All we are left with is the illusion that everything is an illusion. This is the matrix. The veil of ignorance. What is needed now more than ever, is a return to structure and belief. A return to pre-modernism where truth was something that we could actually believe in and invest ourselves in. We need something to believe in if we are going to build a new future. It will require us to become post-human. The Internet has given us this access, but it has also given rise to a whole new era of illusions masquerading as truth. So be careful what you believe in and what you invest your power in. Choose wisely, for the future depends on it!

The defining structure between truth as an ideal now emerges, like one of Plato’s forms. We are unable to obtain it in the physical, or even intellectual. We must use our belief to grasp at it the bet we can. As 5th dimensional conscious beings we now try to attain all the imagined possibilities… choosing ones to be true—for the time being—as our best guide. But we must be able to acknowledge it as not true—indefinitely—at the same time. Will flexibility and fluidity will be our guide to stability? It may be less about flexibility and fluidity, but the flexibility and fluidity of flexibility and fluidity. The integral of them; 4 dimensional to 5 dimensional. For the religious and the unreligious a-like, this means recognizing the truths buried in the imagery and the metaphors of our language as well as the lucidness of our terminology and the un-literal nature of our experience and existence.

Language and Culture in the Era of Aquarius

Emergent technology, as described above, is a fascinating aspect of 5th dimensional consciousness. For people to be willing to take risks and pioneer new ideas is a unique quality that is necessary for the furtherance of humanity. It requires those people to feel a sense of connection with others that they are otherwise unable to express in conventional ways. Emergent technology brings with it its own challenges and problems that need to be addressed on an individual level. Many of those problems are related to the issues of trust, transparency, and privacy. The technology itself is not the problem but rather how it is used by humans. When we look at emergent technology it is important to see that it is a reflection of what is happening in the world around us on an individual level. The technology itself is not the problem; rather, it is how it is used by humans that can create problems.

An interesting aspect that comes with emergent pioneering and democratization of information in our technological era that resembles 5th dimension consciousness is the contact, crossing, blending, and clashing of cultures of our time. It is as if they are each speaking separate languages (sometimes literally), or are different religions, while trying to grasp at the same truths. In the times of Christ, the beginning of the Era of Pisces, there was also a clash of many religions and cultures. Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism may have all in fact been coming in contact, clashing and amalgamating at this time. Christianity could be—in a sense—a product of this and—in turn—the birth of a—then—new era.

With the rise of the internet and social media, people from all corners of the globe are coming in contact with one another and sharing ideas on a scale that has never been seen before. It is as if the world is going through a process of cultural evolution. We are seeing the rise of new religions, new ways of thinking, and new ways of living. We are also seeing the fall of old ways of thinking and living. This is a natural process that happens on an individual level as well as on a societal level. (It is worth noting here that evolution is a system level process with internal lower level attrition, and comes with great growing pains).

Some of these times of uprooting, clashing, and blending end up with a sort of “atheism” (analogous to postmodernism of our time) or confusion that is unsolidified. They can lead to a periods of “dark ages” but because things move so fast in our day and age we may not be talking hundreds of years, we may be talking about dark ages of 7 years, followed by a golden age of 3 years (hypothetical examples). Who knows. It as if the cycles of revolution since the advent of the printing press have compressed. This is the information era, in fact. It is accelerating, like the expansion our universe itself.

The tower of babel and the division of labor are terms—one metaphorical and one literal—that speak clearly to these aspects. Soldiers living abroad in their company, banded together, while coming home may find themselves in a completely different world among housewives who have formed separate ways of existence. Another example may be the difference between a head of marketing speaking with a technician making product. Another: a teacher talking with an electromechanical process engineer. The division of labor has become ever-more specialized in today’s technological postmodern era and the divides widened amongst society. This has existed for some time now, but it is as if the divisions have become increasingly large as time goes on and professions become more specialized and intricate. The language and culture becomes chaotic and stressed as the “tower” grows taller and more unstable.

The technological advancement of our time is also causing significant strain on relationships. The pace of change is so fast that it is difficult for people to keep up with one another. This can lead to a feeling of disconnection and loneliness. It can also lead to a feeling of being left behind. The gap between those who are able to keep up with the pace of change and those who are not is widening. This can lead to a sense of isolation and alienation. It can also lead to a feeling of superiority or inferiority. Between cities and more distant suburbs and rural settings the speed of technological advancement has caused great strain. It is as if different areas are living in different technological times based on their stage in evolution based on geographic location; some people in the future, and some in the past, linked by “now”.

Why is Language a Barrier?

When you start to see the metaphorical imagery and the under-workings of language. It’s lineage and legacy, and can stand from outside it and analyze it, it truly hits like a sledge hammer. It all becomes so clear and awe inspiring, and humbling at the same time. Is the term “5th dimension consciousness” metaphorical or literal? Is the era of Aquarius metaphorical or literal? You decide. A notable artifact of our time that indicates we are struggling into 5th dimension consciousness is the fact we try to apply meta to everything shows that our language is trying to reach beyond its limits.

Our society may be enduring a great period of struggle because our language is always lagging behind. It is often unable to transmit all ideas correctly and thoroughly until precise verbiage is developed, and established as protocol, to grasp concepts. The populace at-large needs to be able to adopt and perceive in that way as well, or else we devolve into “Babel-onian” primitive chaos, as a society. In the postmodern era, what is the language of nothingness? It may be quite fluid in this era until it can solidify again. In the postmodern era, and the era of the internet, identity, truth, and reality all now occupy positions of plurality; truly a 5 dimensional era. The caveat is that in our decentralized nature imposed on us because of technology, these pluralities may causing us to become compartmentalized as individuals and as a society.

Language Inadequacies

Consider the breakdown of language, physics and mathematics at a black hole or a singularity. That is indicative that our language is not sufficient, not that the black hole is some magical amazing things, but just that we do not have the tools to understand it. Our tools are holding us back. Another example may be particles, and waves. They are same thing but our language is not “higher-level” to understand them or perceive them, or describe them as the same, and so our language (and subsequent mathematical models) needs to be able to embody them both, at a higher level. God has always been this stand-in for that which we cannot yet describe. It is a transcendent idea. The singularity is a term for the black hole, it is also a term used to describe the meta-human AI idea as well—that will tie us all together. The singularity in this sense is to describe when the AI becomes self aware; conscious. We use the term singularity because it is a stand-in for God. It is “that which thou dare not speaketh it’s name”, because we do not yet know how to describe what it is to be “conscious” (best we can, is to call it “self-aware”, which is not quite complete). The system consciousness; the unity of all our consciousnesses; that which AI may be an attempt at doing, is the transcendence into the new epoch that we are currently enduring. We do not even have the word for it yet, which is why we coined the term “meta-human”. AI is using all of our data input and will “think” in it (again, the outer reaches of our very language which is why we have to use “quotes”): Meta-consciousness.

A period is to a point, as an era is to a line, as an everything is to a web. We cannot interpret the epoch we are in right now because we are within it. We need to be outside of it in order to analyze it fully. So we can interpret the renaissance, because it is back then and is no longer “now”. We are outside of it.

art titled: reality is a dream. generated by ai
“Reality is a Dream”: Generated by AI

It could be argued we are currently enduring a vast struggle, not a point in time, but an enduring experience that is the BIRTH OF A NEW EPOCH! A NEW ERA! A NEW AGE! We hold “birth” up on this pedestal as such a beautiful moment. But the deep resonant meaning behind it is that birth embodies this incredible struggle and triumph! We take that for granted nowadays with such a low infant mortality rate, but in ancient times, birth filtered out weakness in the initial moments of creation. It is a deep struggle for meaning and purpose in a world that has been stripped down, “nothing from something”, all the way to its core. The triumph through it is not a moment that is given or destined. It must be attained and seized at just the right moment, in harmony with strength, finesse, and timing. Many great empires of humanity have fallen when they reached stages such as this, and so we are weary of it. But we must be TRIUMPHANT!


Maybe we have always been enduring a great struggle, since the dawn of time. Maybe that is why humans have always thought we were burgeoning on the cusp of an apocalypse. Maybe that is what has driven us towards greatness and we wouldn’t have come this far without that innate notion.

Maybe the majority of this didn’t make any sense to you and you might not be ready to become 5th dimensionally conscious. Or maybe you are thinking, “Is this person on mushrooms?” Or, “Is this person is crazy?” Or, “Is this even a person writing this?”

Heck, maybe we are crazy. We alone can’t completely rule out the possibility (would a crazy person say that?), but if you resonate with this in some ways or can actually understand it and grasp some of these concepts, maybe you can be too! The heart breaking reality is that if we’re right, and people agree that we’re wrong and/or just plain crazy; too bad for us. We’re just crazy to them. Cheers to being crazy! Just know that when you speak to me about things, these are the ways in which I interpret them, all at once, and all connected, at the same time; 5 dimensionally.

*For the uninitiated, this article may have hurt your brain. And for that, we apologize.

*Disclaimer: Some of this story was generated through the use of AI. All italic text was created by the AI Writer.

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