Bitcoin: Hoax, Cult or Legit?

Fundamental and philosophical aspects of Bitcoin that raise questions about its prevalence.

AI Answers Questions

Insight from Artificial Intelligence in Response to User Inquiries

A Practical Guide to Quantifying Risk in Everyday Life

You may be taking on too much risk in your daily life without even realizing. Start quantifying risk with this simple strategy. This could change your life!

Do Masks Actually Work Against Spreading Viruses?

An overview of the actual effects of the public wearing masks to mitigate against the spread of viruses/disease/flu. Do they work? Effective tool or authoritarian placebo effect?

How to Make IPA | Low-Cost and Tastes Just as Amazing

Simplified and summarized cheap process for making an IPA or IIPA so that even a beginner can quickly and effectively make a delicious, cost efficient IPA.

The Inside Joke – Trump is a Troll

Laughter cures all? Or is it contagious? In an era where nobody represents the politically moderate, some are just here for the jokes, along for the ride. Hence why a troll has become president, the funniest joke of all.

Coronavirus Media Coverage: Cried Wolf too Many Times

Comparisons to the flu have become an almost robotic response. Is COVID-19 a crisis worthy pandemic or a social media induced boogie man?

Is the Multiverse Real?

A philosophical and psychological approach to why the multiverse theory is very popular.

Balanced Government, Socialism + Capitalism

How Capitalism and Socialism will need to work in tandem to better suit the immediate locale rather than overarching implementation.

Free Phone Service You Probably Overlooked: VoIP app

Use your smart phone, free from monthly cell phone bills.

A Generation’s Coming Financial Crisis

How lack of trust in the market and low interest rates may have dire consequences.

We are Viruses – Survival of the Most Viral – Endogenous Retroviruses

Exploring viral elements embedded in our DNA, Endogenous Retroviruses and their implications on evolutionary biology.

Is Addiction a Disease?

Contrasted with accountability, being called a disease can have the benefit of lifting some blame, shame, and guilt, but it also has the dark side of helplessness and despair, especially when there is no clear cure to this “disease”.

Don’t Be Fooled. The Internet Isn’t Reality

How much misinformation are we really immersed within?