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By: Atman Brahman and AI

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Abstract Reality – A Short Story

Lines, mostly straight, some curved, blended, smudged, to present an idea, a thought, an image. A painting on a wall, conveying an obscured, incomplete leap of faith at being communicable to the viewer; still incomplete and not fully comprehensible to the creator. Abandoned oil paints, with their dried up colour puddles and pigment residue still in them. The twisted brushes on the floor. The palette knife, also on the floor, with a smudge of blue paint. A magnifying glass, with a red dot of paint. A canvas with the same smudges of blue and red paint on it. A brush holder with some brushes, and another palette knife. A wall covered in oil paints – reds and blues mostly – splattered and smeared. Another wall covered in charcoal and chalk – lines, mostly straight, some curved, blended, smudged.

Sounds of footsteps on marble, echoing, ghostly. Surrounding sounds of whispers, voices, nearly inaudible, and MOSTLY unrecognizable. Words and phrases that represent places, times, events, memories, imaginations, and revelations; spewed inaccurately but sufficient in practicality, like breath into the wind, caught by the butterfly nets of the recipient of our affections.

A man, sitting on the floor, facing the wall. A thought passed through his mind: if not of truth then at least of reason. A red dot on the wall, like a single drop of blood. An even mixture, an equal balance; red blood dribbling onto the palette knife. A new paintbrush, straight from the painter’s mind to his hands to towards the wall in a sweeping livid slash above that drop of blood.

Ideas as offerings, gifts between strangers and kin alike: synthetic, metaphors, analogies, allegories, anagrams. Collections, housed in marble stone to withstand the entropy of existence; sitting below the Great blue yonder, emulsified by fluffy white obscurities, in the shape of a dragon, breathing in the molecules it would have to consume—as an entity—reflected in the convex glisten of the eye of the beholder. Ideas, deconstructed, transmitted in pieces, and partially reconstructed, synthetically, simulated through alternate and parallel experiences.

abstract reality
The Burden of Self – (The name the AI gave)

The Burden of Self (detail): Cai Guo­Qiang, 2003. Photo: courtesy of Lisson Gallery (London). Collection: Museum der Moderne Salzburg (Austria). Translated by “scholarly” experts in given fields of theory, language and “culture“, under the influence of placebos. A work of “art”, finally falling under the eyes of aristocratic appreciation through nepotism and semi-false impression. Identities, believers and aggregators, together, in “sufficient” agreement of the fractional conceptions exchanged. Tips of icebergs glistening in the blinding sun.

Tiny samples of EVERYTHING, clustered and scattered, confounded and conglomerated, like dust-saturated wind infiltrating the lungs. Someone died. Natural causes: the best explanation. ALL explanation as a form of a 4 dimensional “segment” of reality, experienced and justified, as a 1 dimensional line in the sand, sampled by the souls of our feet as we walk upon its thin metaphoric manifestation, materialization, and representation.

*Disclaimer: Some of this story was generated through the use of AI. All italic text was created by the AI Writer.

*Disclaimer: Some of this story was generated through the use of AI. All italic text was created by the AI Writer.

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