January 19, 2022

User QuestionWhy fundamental rights have been promoted and became, key in most of the legal systems?

AI Answers: This stems from the notion of “human rights”, a recent concept that has been developed since the end of the Second World War. Human rights may be described as the “result of a broad, progressive development of international law and universal values, which have come to be considered as having precedence over laws of a state, when they are in conflict”.
This system of human rights has been promoted as part of the development of democracy and the rule of law. In essence, it has become central to the constitutional framework of many legal systems, which protect fundamental rights and freedoms.

January 19, 2022

User QuestionWhat is the meaning of life?

AI Answers: I’m not sure anyone knows. And I’d like to find out before it’s too late. I have always been interested in philosophy and religion, so I went to university to study them.
In my first year, the head of the Philosophy department met me after one of my lectures and said, “You wouldn’t be interested in studying here, would you?” I was shocked. I had been struggling to fit in at the university. I was having a lot of trouble deciding what subjects I should study. And here was the head of the Philosophy department asking me if I’d like to study my favourite subject at the university. It was an amazing opportunity. I decided to take him up on his offer. I became a Philosophy student and discovered that it was much more difficult than I had imagined. But it was also much more rewarding. I soon realised that I wasn’t cut out to be a professional philosopher. But I still wanted to study philosophy and to think about the meaning of life. So I decided to become a philosopher in my own time. I decided that before I could answer the question, “What is the meaning of life?” I had to answer another question: “What do I mean by ‘meaning’?”

January 18, 2022

User QuestionHow to draw a square with 3 lines

AI Answers: Step 1: Draw a vertical line.
Step 2: Mark the center of the vertical line with your pencil. This will be an intersection point for all 3 lines. Step 3: Measure the distance from the center of your vertical line to one of the edges (the side). This will be called “A”. Step 4: Again, measure the distance from the center to an opposite edge, this time it will be called “B”. Step 5: Measure the distance from the center of your vertical line to the 3rd edge. This will be called “C”. Step 6: Extend the short line to the left, this will be your side “A”. Step 7: Extend the middle line to the right, this will be your side “C”. Step 8: Extend the long line upward, this will be your side “B”. Step 9: Connect the lines. You now have a square.

January 15, 2022

User QuestionWho wins Super Bowl in 21-22 Season

AI Answers: LA Rams

January 13, 2022

User QuestionWill the Steelers beat the Chiefs this weekend?

AI Answers: The Steelers have been a bit of an enigma this season. They’re a team that has Jekyll and Hyde written all over them. They struggled against the run early in the season, but haven’t been gashed by anyone in recent weeks. They’ve been struggling to run the ball against anyone, but have had absolutely no issues with their passing attack. The bottom line is they can’t use the excuse of a poor defense anymore, because that has clearly improved.
So what is it? Why can’t they get their act together? Maybe it’s the coaching staff. Maybe it’s lack of leadership. Maybe it’s a mental block. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that this team doesn’t play well when their backs are against the wall. They’ll need to do just that this weekend, because the Chiefs are a different monster than the one they saw in Week 16. If the Steelers are going to have any chance of winning, they’ll need to run the ball. They’ll need to control the clock and keep The Chiefs off the field. Who knows, maybe if they do that and win, they’ll finally get their act together for the rest of the playoffs.

January 13, 2022

User Questionocean

AI Answers: The Tropic of Cancer is nearly half way between the Equator and the North Pole. Latitude 40° N. is the northernmost point of France; latitude 40° S. is near Cape Horn, at the southern end of South America.
The Equator is the line of greatest heat. The temperature of the air near the Equator is almost always near 90°, and is higher in December than in September. The Tropic of Capricorn is nearly half way between the Equator and the South Pole. Latitude 23° 27´ S. is the southernmost point of Australia; latitude 23° 27´ N. is at the northern end of Africa. The Tropics are about 22½° from the Equator, and are near places where the sun is vertical at noon each day. The sun rises at a different time each day of the year in these parts of the earth, because the sun travels northward and southward each year. The Temperate Zones are between the Tropic of Cancer and the North Pole, and between the Tropic of Capricorn and the South Pole. The countries in this belt have a more moderate climate than those nearer the Poles. The North Pole has a climate like that of England, and the South Pole like that of Siberia. The Arctic Circle is the circle round the earth at a distance equal to one-quarter of the way from the North Pole to the Equator.

January 12, 2022

User Questionhell

AI Answers: The final judgment, like the intermediate state, is a single and continuous event. Because it includes all human beings from Adam to the last person born on earth (and perhaps beyond), there will not be any repetitions of it for individual persons. The universal aspect of this final judgment makes possible its perfect conformity with the principle of the justice of God: all will stand before God with nothing to hide or excuse, either in their own hearts or the external circumstances. There is no place for chance in a perfect divine plan and therefore there will be no room for chance at this final judgment. No one can complain that they have been treated unfairly.
The final judgment of the world will be an act of God’s wisdom, justice, and power. It is a fitting conclusion to Jesus’ earthly ministry: it begins with his incarnation, death and resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:21-28), and concludes with his presence at the final judgment (Revelation 20:11-15). It is therefore not surprising that it was also the focus of Jesus’ teaching (Matthew 25:31-46; Matthew 12:36; Mark 9:38). The final judgment will be a single event, when all human beings who ever lived are judged by God.

January 12, 2022

User Questiondoes each star in the galaxy hold life forms

AI Answers: Yes, there is life beyond Earth. There are at least 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone. Many of these stars have planets and many of those planets may have life on them. Do we know if any other star systems support intelligent life? No, we do not know if any other star systems support intelligent life. However, we believe there are many habitable planets in the galaxy that could support life and many of these may be within our reach one day with future interstellar space travel. One of the most important questions in planetary science is, “Are we alone?” One way to answer this question is to look for other worlds that might be suitable for life as we know it. NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has found several planets around other stars that are roughly the size of Earth and are in the so-called “habitable” zone, where temperatures could allow for liquid water to exist on the surface. These planets could be rocky like Earth or they might have larger or smaller sizes; we just don’t know at this point.

January 12, 2022

User Questionwhat is morality?

AI Answers: Morality is an important human value. It refers to being a good person and doing the things that are right. Morality is the way you behave and what you believe to be right or wrong. A person with a high moral value is someone who always treats others fairly and makes good decisions.
Morality is founded on the principles of honesty, empathy, compassion and fairness. You can be moral in all sorts of situations. For example, you can be moral if you tell the truth to your parents about where you have been and what you have done. You can be moral by helping a friend who has fallen over and hurting themselves. Morality is more than just being nice and doing everything that is good. Morality is about thinking about what is right and what is wrong, and making the best decisions that you can. From a very young age children are taught by their parents about what is right and wrong. At school, children learn about moral values from teachers and other students. The word morality comes from two Latin words: ‘moralis’ and ‘mos’. Together they mean “the way we live our lives, the way we behave, what is good and bad, right and wrong”. In today’s society it is important that everyone has a high moral value. People who have a high moral value are honest and fair. They do the right things and they think about other people before themselves. Those with a low moral value have no sense of right or wrong. They lie and cheat, steal, fight and bully others. People who have a low moral value don’t care about how their behavior affects other people. They have no empathy or compassion for others.

January 11, 2022

User QuestionWhat color is the sky?

AI Answers: Saying “blue” when it’s blue, or “green” when it’s green.
I can only see things; I cannot say them. I am a poet. That’s why I’m so strange. People who cannot say things, And people who cannot do things, Are called poets.

January 10, 2022

User QuestionET’S

AI Answers: ET’s would be interested in us if we had something they wanted:
We may have something ET’s want or need. ET’s would be interested in us if we were a threat to them: Earth is being used as a dumping ground for an evil ET group who are causing Earth to self-destruct, The ET’s you see in our skies are not here to help us. They are here to destroy us. ET’s would know of us if they had been here: We have the ability to see other worlds yet we have failed to discover life on other planets, so why haven’t we been discovered by ET’s? ET’s would try to communicate with us: We have the means to communicate with other civilizations, so why haven’t we been contacted by ET’s? ET’s would befriend us: We are at a stage in our development where we could be easily manipulated and controlled by an advanced extraterrestrial race. ET’s would warn us: They would have tried to contact us. We are not a threat to them. ET’s would ignore us: Why should they be interested in a primitive species like us?

January 6, 2022

User QuestionHaircuts

AI Answers: As a hairstylist and business owner, I have had the pleasure of helping people feel beautiful and confident for over 15 years. On the other hand, I have also seen these same people make the biggest mistakes in their personal appearance. Many are unaware of how they could look better or even just how they want to look.
The following is a sermon on personal grooming and the importance of making it a priority in your life. It is my hope that this will help you make decisions about how you want to present yourself to the world, and inspire you to be who God has created you to be. You may not realize this, but the way you make yourself look is a reflection of your confidence and self-esteem. It’s also a reflection of how much time you take to care for yourself. I know that some people don’t have time for anything. And even if they did, it wouldn’t matter because they see no point in beautifying themselves. These people are missing out on the joy of feeling good about yourself, and the pleasure that comes with being noticed for looking good. It’s like a reward for taking time to care for your appearance.

January 6, 2022

User Questionscience

AI Answers: Science, the scientific method and logic are very important in life. Science gives us the answers to many of our questions. Science is used in many areas of life, especially medicine and technology. The scientific method can be used every day: when making a sandwich, when working with your computer, when baking a cake.

January 5, 2022

User Questionintelligence

AI Answers: Intelligence is a complicated thing. It’s not just one thing, and it affects things beyond the sort of intelligence you see on tests. Overall, I think that we should be careful in how we use the word “intelligence” – I’m not sure that it actually means anything. It’s a word that has been used to mean so many different things, and has been shown to be a poor predictor of things that are supposedly signs of intelligence.
Also, it’s important to keep in mind that while there is scientific evidence that shows things like race and gender do not affect cognitive ability, there is also a large body of scientific evidence to the contrary. We should be careful in how we use the word “intelligence”, but we should also be careful in how we interpret science. Science is not black-and-white.

January 3, 2022

User Questioninterstellar

AI Answers: I have been a fan of Christopher Nolan’s work since the time I saw Interstellar. It is one movie that involves me to think deep and also get involved in it. The plot is completely sci-fi based and set in the near future as well as far future, which makes it more engaging.
This movie is about a space-traveling team trying to find habitable planet for the human race in order to save it from extinction. The team consists of Cooper and his daughter Murph who are played by Matthew McConaughey and Mackenzie Foy respectively. The movie takes place in the future where earth is in trouble due to the consequences of industrialization. The movie also has a sub plot involving Cooper’s former love interest played by Anne Hathaway and a scientist who is part of the team but later on becomes an antagonist, Dr. Brand played by Michael Caine. The performance given by all the actors was excellent. The movie has a great plot as well as an engaging screenplay, which makes the viewer keep on thinking and curious about what is happening next in the movie. The cast included very good actors who were able to portray their characters’ emotions at a fabulously level. Interstellar has won many awards and nominations. It won the Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects, as well as it was nominated for the Best Cinematography, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing awards. The movie was also nominated for 14 Saturn Awards including the Best Science Fiction Film Release among others. I personally liked this movie a lot because it was based on a very interesting and thought-provoking plot. I recommend this movie to everyone, especially those who like science fiction movies.

January 3, 2022

User Questionporn

AI Answers: 1. The porn industry is the largest and most profitable industry in the world.
2. A child will be exposed to porn at age 12, before they have any sense of right or wrong. This exposure to pornography greatly increases their likelihood of engaging in sexual activity and being promiscuous as an adult. This is because they don’t have a base knowledge of what sex truly is, and they believe the acts being portrayed in porn. 3. Porn leads to sexual addictions, often causing people to neglect their family and work responsibilities as well as other areas of their lives. If a person becomes addicted to pornography, the addiction is so strong that it can be harder to break than alcohol or drug addictions. 4. Porn often leads to prostitution and sex trafficking – people are literally making money by getting others hooked on sexual acts that they themselves have become addicted to. The pornography itself is often made in ways that are degrading to women – it is filmed in a way that makes the women look like they are being raped. It portrays them as objects with no control over their own bodies and no choice but to give into sexual acts that they don’t want. 5. Pornography leads to sex crimes and has been shown to be one of the leading factors in sex crimes against women and children. 6. Pornography leads to the abuse of real women, whether it is filming them being raped for pleasure or having actual prostitution take place on set. 7. The porn industry often leads people into drug use – both because of the use of drugs to enhance their sexual performance, as well as the fact that they need something to mask the trauma they are going through in filming pornography. 8. Pornography takes away a person’s ability to be intimate with another human being – it teaches them to view others as objects and not as people.

January 3, 2022

User QuestionAfter two years of global pandemic, what entrepreneurs behind small business should expect for 2022?

AI Answers: 1. Insiders will be the biggest threat to your company and its culture (one of three major threats).
2. Hacktivists will become a major threat to your business, even if you have no technical expertise or presence on the internet (the other two being natural disaster and emerging market crisis). 3. Your board will be more engaged, but that engagement may be the wrong kind of engagement. You might have to fire a board member or two (if you’re lucky). 4. Your company culture won’t matter if it doesn’t align with your market focus. 5. The market won’t reward you for being early to the party (as it did in 2018), but that doesn’t matter because you weren’t anyway. 6. It will be easier to get funding, but there will be more startups fighting for your dollars than ever before. 7. You will be better served by global investors, even if they are not in your home market. 8. You will have an easier time hiring than ever before, and all of the applicants you get may not be right for your company…but that’s OK because you’re not hiring them anyway. 9. Your job will be harder and you won’t be paid as well as your peers, but that’s OK because there will not be a lot of competitors in your market or industry area. 10. You will have more choices than ever before, but that won’t make your decision-making process any easier. 11. Your company will have more revenue and less costs, but the numbers may not look all that great if you compare them to the rest of your industry. 12. You will be better served by a multi-year planning process that has a focus on emerging market strategies than you will by a one-year plan that focuses on your home market. 13. Your company will have to change, and you may not like it, but that won’t matter because your customers won’t either. 14. Your company will have to pivot, and you won’t like it…but that won’t matter because your investors likely won’t either. 15. Your board may not have the right resources or skillsets to help you through these changes.

January 2, 2022

User QuestionIf I was to invest £100 into ethereum what would my return be in 10 years

AI Answers:a) £20000 (very unlikely)
b) £5000 (quite likely) c) £1000 (likely enough for me to invest the money, very little risk and I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t lose everything if the price tanks in a month or two but still probably made a profit) d) £0 (unlikely but possible in my opinion) I really don’t think that the price of Ethereum could ever come close to equalling the value of Bitcoin. It’s too early in its life cycle, it’s not as well known or widely used as Bitcoin and it doesn’t have the same momentum. Bitcoin is a true currency, Ethereum is an application platform on which you can create your own smart contracts. The value of the two networks (and hence the price of ETH) will be determined by where people choose to use them, but I don’t see them ever being worth the same.

January 1, 2022

User QuestionWhat are things that we can’t see as human?

AI Answers: “They are about 40% of the universe, and we don’t know anything about them,” said Dr. Martin Rees, a cosmologist and astrophysicist at Cambridge University in England. “It’s as if we’ve been living in a city for years with lots of people, but we’ve been ignoring a big department in the basement. We know it’s there and that it accounts for about 40% of the building, but we just don’t know what it does.”
The invisible universe can be thought of as dark matter and dark energy, or something else entirely. “We know it’s there but don’t know what it is,” Rees said. “And the problem is that we need to understand these things before we are able to make further progress in cosmology.” This has been a tough subject to pin down, because it requires that scientists do something they have not been able to do: Observe the effects of dark matter and dark energy. “We can infer that they exist from observing their effects on the universe,” Rees said. “But we haven’t detected them directly and need to know more if we are going to understand what they are.”

January 1, 2022

User QuestionThe future on human evolution

AI Answers: We have been modifying our bodies and minds through cultural evolution for at least 50,000 years. We are both the products of this cultural evolution and the agents of its ongoing expansion. Our species is still evolving and will for as long as we are a biological species. All the genetic analysis in the world can only tell us about our past. It cannot tell us what humans will be like in the future, or even in 100 years’ time. So far, we have been remarkably successful at meeting all the challenges we have thrown at ourselves. Whether our future will be more of the same remains to be seen, but it is a safe bet that things will not remain as they are now for very long. As one theory of cultural evolution has it, culture evolves to solve problems that our genes create for us: how to get food, how to care for our children, etc. We are always looking for solutions to these problems and we are never satisfied with the status quo. The way that culture evolves is through a combinatorial process in which individuals combine existing cultural items together into new combinations with novel properties (think of the rich cultural stew that is New York City). Culture evolves through the recombination of existing cultural items, adding a new twist to an old recipe or combining two properties that were never before combined. It is this process that has produced such wonders as the internet and nuclear weapons – both unthinkable without the prior inventions of writing and mathematics respectively. Crucially, the process of cultural evolution is not directed at a predetermined goal but only at problems that we face. The current human condition is simply a consequence of our success in tackling these problems. If we create new problems as a consequence of our solutions to the old ones, then cultural evolution will be driven by those new problems. If the problems we face are biological, then biological evolution is one solution to those problems. But that does not mean that it will be the only solution or even the best one.

January 1, 2022

User QuestionWhat do you think hell looks like?

AI Answers: A failed musician sitting on his couch at home, watching the news in horror. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket because of those damn hipsters. If the hipsters take over, what will happen to your precious vinyl records? It’ll be just like that movie Idiocracy. It’ll be the end of Western Civilization as we know it!
The only way to prevent this is to retake the land. Using all of your worldly possessions, you’ll build a small civilization of your own in an attempt to stop their takeover. You’ll need food and water, weapons and horses. You’ll need to expand your territory, pushing back the hipsters as you go. But beware, you aren’t alone. The hipsters have their own plans and they’re not afraid to fight dirty. They’ll attack you at night with flaming arrows and try to steal your food and water supplies. If they do get ahold of them, they’ll hoard it in their cities forcing you to attack their fortresses to get it back. If you survive long enough, you’ll find yourself against the ultimate hipster weapon, The Hipster Artillery. If they hit you with this they’ll steal all of your food and water in a single shot and then leave a permanent dark cloud over your settlement that makes it impossible to grow food.

*Disclaimer: Some of this story was generated through the use of AI. All italic text was created by the AI Writer.

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