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This page is a collection of art generated by AI using human semantic text input. The neural network analyzes vast datasets of text, images and art from all over the world in which it is able to compile new creations based on it’s “experience”. AI may just be the giant unifying collaboration of us all that we once hoped the internet itself would be.

These are samples of deep philosophical concepts teasing the AI and its conception of our culture. Some of the more stunning or deeply meaningful ones are NFT’ed and displayed in the Gallery and public owned social network

In a metaphorical sense, the AI generates an image like a backwards shotgun blast of images from the whole internet collective. 
Interacting with it for some time now, I notice it shows archetype like features and notions when they show clearly throughout our human classified “content”. Too many adjectives or ambiguous words and it gets noisy and blurry. AI is a great mirror, that shows our own [collective] ambiguity in experience and interpretation as well; in everything that we do and every interaction. The AI Art generator is like the psyche of the internet mind-hive, and it reflects us, the pieces, like a fractal.

The AI generates the art using just the titled text input:

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*Disclaimer: Some of this Article was generated through use of AI. All italic text was created by the AI Writer.

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