Mania at 30,000 Feet

4 minute read.
Genre: Dark Humor, Based on True Story —– Dreams are like a docudrama of your daily life. They are self-induced box office smash hit fantasies void of logic with hyper imbalanced perceptions of distorted reality serving as a gateway to our perplexing consciousness.

The One Hand Pushup Man

4 minute read.
Genre: Dark Humor, Based on True Story —– Excerpt: “I’m the one hand pushup man, everybody knows me.” Boston was a ruthless city of tough, up-tight, angry people, but there was an amusing hilarity to it when you tapped into the unrelenting sarcastic wit.

The Gallows of Indignation

3 minute read.
Genre: Post-modernism, Existentialism, Nihilism, Psychological Drama —–
Excerpt: The sound of the gallows’ steps was so hollow and ghostly, but clear and loud through the silence of the onlookers as the two men ascended to their fate. The executioner methodically circled the gallows in a calm ceremonial manner. He walked up the stairs onto the platform with the two men after careful inspection of the structure.

Descendants From The Heavens – or – The Odicy

35 minute read.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Space, Existentialism, Psychological Drama ———-
Excerpt: The Nexus was built over vast periods of time and travel in an undisclosed location somewhere in Bootes Supervoid. Anthropomodif was the new designation for the lifeforms that had wrought their own physical being to inhabit this new space frontier through carefully conducted genetic engineering and controlled mutation. Human was merely a distant evolutionary relative to the new species which was “designed” to thrive in space. They were their own creators.

Turbulent Clarity – A Stream of Consciousness

2 minute read.
Genre: Psychological, Philosophical, Stream of Consciousness ———-
Excerpt: Am I just the culmination of the climactic evolutionary cluster fuck? Am I a mistake? Am I the only one swimming against the current of this collective stream of consciousness?

The Selflessness Metric

3 minute read.
Genre: Inspirational, Satire ———-
Excerpt: Ms Aritan’s belief was that it was her role, ultimately, to fill those suits, or fill those blue collars with the brightest and most developed young minds she could help to produce. Regardless of the color of their collar, Ms. Aritan’s true goal was to produce an ever superior constituency in which great ideals and progress would self perpetuate far into the future, beyond her material existence. No small task!