Do Masks Actually Work Against Spreading Viruses?

An overview of the actual effects of the public wearing masks to mitigate against the spread of viruses/disease/flu. Do they work? Effective tool or authoritarian placebo effect?

Coronavirus Media Coverage: Cried Wolf too Many Times

Comparisons to the flu have become an almost robotic response. Is COVID-19 a crisis worthy pandemic or a social media induced boogie man?

We are Viruses – Survival of the Most Viral – Endogenous Retroviruses

Exploring viral elements embedded in our DNA, Endogenous Retroviruses and their implications on evolutionary biology.

Is Addiction a Disease?

Contrasted with accountability, being called a disease can have the benefit of lifting some blame, shame, and guilt, but it also has the dark side of helplessness and despair, especially when there is no clear cure to this “disease”.